Preventive Maintenance
Components are replaced according to the customer-established scheduling or according to our Personal-Equipment program, based on the manufacturer's recommended replacement intervals. In preventive maintenance, a complete system inspection is executed and all parts with deterioration in accordance with the usage time are replaced, maintaining the system in impeccable routine.

Corrective Maintenance
Maintenance, cleaning or repair are executed once unplanned equipment stoppage. Corrective maintenance is warranted for 90 days, which includes manpower and parts.

Operational and Performance Qualification
Operational qualification and performance qualification are proposed to guarantee that the tested equipment is reliable, within the limits established by the manufacturer and by regulatory and supervisory standards. All procedures executed are described in our qualification protocols. Furthermore, in our qualifications we use calibrated instruments (RBC) and traceable standards (NIST).

Maintenance Contract
The purpose is to attend customers based on their laboratory necessities, which may comprise preventive maintenance, corrective maintenance, operational qualification, performance qualification, and technical hours.


  • Modern Liquid Chromatography - principles and applications;
  • Mass spectrometry - principles and applications;
  • HPLC Troubleshooting;
  • Transfer of HPLC methods to UPLC™;
  • LC-MS Troubleshooting;
  • Empower™ Software;
  • Masslynx™ Software;
  • LC-MS/MS Method Development;
  • Sample preparation for LC-MS.
  • Contact us and request a quotation for a course whose modules congregate your necessities. The trainings are conducted in-company and the training material is provided by Matrix LC-MS and its instructors.
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