Matrix LCMS provides products and services for diverse laboratory segments; pharmaceutical, veterinary, food industries, universities and its respective research laboratories.

Innovation and continuous improvement are indispensable for development and success of any company and university research, as well as for the finest performance and the analytical segments highlight. It can be achieved in umpteen ways, but especially through detailed observation and examination procedure of work accomplished by people conscious of all the variables and parameters involved in this process.

In this context, Matrix LCMS provides advice throughout the acquisition process for laboratory products (glassware, membranes, syringe filters, scales, microscopes, etc.), as well as providing corrective/preventive maintenance, installation, qualification and training for HPLC, UPLC and Mass Spectrometer systems.

Matrix LCMS presents an ample and diverse portfolio of products and services. Contact us, to be advised and accessorized throughout the purchasing of products and/or services. If you necessity any specific or customized product, we can modify it according to your requirements.
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